Irma's edible insects

The Smallest Thing You Can Do





Irma's Edible Insects 

In 2017, Denmark's most premium super market "Irma" became the first retailer to sell edible insects
and we set out to get them on the Danes'  shopping lists.  

We found out that the food we eat is to blame for a bigger environmental footprint than our cars, heating and electricity put together,
and that insects have a significantly smaller footprint than pretty much any other food. 

So we wanted people to know that insects are a delicious and easy way to lower your environmental footprint
with a campaign we called:

The smallest thing you can do.






Økologien_Opskrift 3 engelskØkologien_Opskrift 3 engelsk

For print ads we made recipe's that were good for the climate, to show the insects from their best side. 

As a digital side to the campaign, we created a website that utilized the data from the Coop customer club*.
The website allowed people to see how much each of their shopping trips was costing in Co2 and water usage,
compare different groceries, look through insect recipes based on their regular shopping, 
create enviromentally friendly shopping lists
and buy the edible insects through Coop's online supermarket. 

*Coop is the largest retail network in Denmark and 1/4 of all Danes are part of their customer club.




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In the Irma stores, we put environmental footprint scanners up next to price scanners,
so people could compare the sustainability of the different products

And as a bit of direct, we made every receipt show the total Co2 and water usage of the customer's purchase
and directed them towards our website to see how they can lower their footprint easily.

Aaand this is our complete redesign.