A Tasty Tragedy

Our Doritos ad that was shown on TV during the Superbowl




A Tasty Tragedy

This TVC was created for the
DORITOS: Crash the Superbowl competition.
It's was made with one simple insight in mind: 
No matter the setting, there is no way you can leave a bag of Doritos lying unemptied and untouched. 

It stirred up the waters a bit as we got to the semi-final. The Danish media picked up on our story, and we ended up earning a good 4.500.000 media impressions. We consider that okay for a production of £800.

Oh, and it was aired during Superbowl!
... In Denmark, but still, right? 

Made w/ Jonas Frederiksen, Jeppe Vidstrup & Christoffer Boas





Oh, and we asked around for a bit of advice, to make sure we'd make the final another time: